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Systemd-networkd is not compatible with lxc-net. Use only one out of two.

At time of writing lxc-net needs full control over its bridge interface1. The easiest and ugliest is lxc-net, for better usage try to substitute it with systemd units.


Compile /etc/default/lxc-net, then /etc/network/interfaces (at leat lxcbr0 is required).


Sul guest, in /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet manual

Sul file di configurazione lxc: = veth = up = lxcbr0 = 4a:49:43:49:79:bf = =


Da wheezy in avanti è necessario passare da OpenVZ a LXC, anche se forse su wheezy non raggiungerà mai lo stesso grado di maturità di OpenVZ, sicurezza compresa2.

Si consiglia comunque di:

Be careful to unexpected severe bugs. For examples:

Immagini guest


Elenco immagini disponibili:

/usr/share/lxc/templates/lxc-download -l

Davvero minimale, probabilmente utile su debian:

apt-get install aptitude
aptitude install ~pimportant
aptitude install ~prequired
aptitude install ~pstandard

Warning on guests


On jessie be warn about systemd incompatibility. For infos:


  1. By default lxc-net, if the bridge interface already exists (see code), stop it and exits with error (1)

  2. Giudizio di mattonclud sullo stato di sicurezza al 2012 (2)

  3. (3)

  4. (4)

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